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Open Mic Night
Polish run-down, sort of, and my problems :(
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Olympic Medalist
Olympic Medalist

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2004 9:11 am    Post subject: Polish run-down, sort of, and my problems :( Reply with quote
Pavvka and other Polish writing members, I would like to invite you to join the fora of the because I joined them two days ago, posted first five messages, and . . . no one is blasting me. Oh, my, I do miss my good old, understanding in spite of his acid tongue, friend Plip.

Robert Kolakowski
132 1/2 Ripley Place,
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07206, USA
908 558 7487
TP SS LAST 4 DIGITS ... -..-2510

___If I will stop posting to these fora, I am attaching the above-information for you to remember me.
___My old Pontiac Grand Am caught on fire about about half-a-year ago. My wife and I were inside. The right-back tire in my brand new Toyota Matrix was cut with a box cutter knife. Later, my Matrix's tank was punctured. I am lucky that the gas has been licking a little too far from the exhaust fumes . . . My friend, Sebastian Mojsiejewicz, is about to fix the tank. He fixed the before-mentioned tire. Sebastian works as a mechanic at a gas station in South Plainfield, in New Jersey.
___I do not fear being set ablaze. I do not fear to admit that I rejoice when my enemies from the biomedical unit and the illegal sellers of the human body parts who hide behind already not legal (a case did not reach, as of yet, the US Federal Supreme Court -- obvious purposeful misinterpretation of the law for financial kick backs from the pharmaceutical companies; hiding, replacing, altering of evidence; outright denial) biomedical research are set ablaze in their cars. The opposition that is slowly exterminating them, in spite of the lynch methods, is doing the right thing. Lynching begins when the government fails. From my perspective, the killings of the biomed/body parts Mafia may be progressing too slowly. It may take as long as 10 years. By 2012, I may find myself strapped to the bed, overdosed with psychotropes to ''deaden the pain,'' on the restricted fifth floor of the AKZO Noble Organon in Roseland, 56 Livingston Avenue, or in West Orange, or somewhere else, slowly dying, with, with my both kidneys removed (I worked for them = spied on them as a CPO from Wackenhut -- GROUP 4 FOLCK between December and February 11, 2004 -- I know it happens) hooked to the experimental artificial kidney Sad
Remember me when and if I stop posting, and the above--mentioned happens to me, or if I get beaten to death by a banch (there is never one on one Smile) of thugs hiding behind badges (there is always about 12--dozen bad apples within each 100 of decent officers in any large American police department), or set ablaze in my car, or suffer a heart attack or kidney failure at the age of 29 and almost 400 days -- it will not happen by an accident.

_It will be done by the Scriptural Beast, the evil elements within the government, the people who at the highest level of secrecy pray to Baa--aal, a bull or a goat with his legs crossed, and a star on his/her forehead. The elements that are trying to put a visible (do not confuse with Hindus, please) mark on people's forehads. The elements that will be exterminated by 2012, not by God's permission, but in his name and by his will. The elements will be defeated by the NSA, the Nation of Islam, and the Skinheads; the unlikely nonconformist leaders who have been misrepresented in the mass media.
_Every one of them have has been misrepresented in the mainstream media.

I am not going to come back to this subject, nor answer any questions about my posting except in private e-mail or mail.
one hand clapping
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