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Rambling Runners
Boston 2009 Race report
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:33 am    Post subject: Boston 2009 Race report Reply with quote

Well another Boston is in the books... Pretty happy with the time considering - went in with no pressure just to see how it went everyone who would have looked at my training leading up could tell it was not up to par, so I went in just to see if I could get the Boston Qualifier for next year if possible but seriously determined to enjoy the race this year. I had a few very good runs leading up to the race so I knew I could do the distance but unsure where the time would leave me.

Usual relaxed get to the start because of the ease of getting to Hopkinton State Park from Ryan's house got to the start around 8:15 checked to see if I had won the Adidas gear for a year which I didn't - lucky for them haha... Anyway found Eric and Rob eventually and hung out with them for about an hour before heading over to the corrals seems there were more people in corrals this year because it was impossible to get in to them until the very last minute anyway the race starts and it seemed to take forever to get to the start line this year I was only one corral further back so not sure why. Anyway once it got kicked off it was extremely crowded as I passed under the starters area I saw Bill Rodgers pulling on his jersey so I have him a "Go Billy" as I passed by and high fived lots and lots of kids all along the side lines and it was not very long before I tossed any hats or shirts to the side. Kept the Gloves through maybe 3 miles tops... So mile 1 goes by in 7:59, by mile two things break up a bit so I am back down at 7:24, the bar there is rockin as usual and people are pretty hammered there I high five a few more... next mile goes by in 7:17 so feeling pretty good but suddenly really have to use the bathroom... Lots and lots of people in AShland more than I remembered but maybe not high fives allaround lots of little ones out there...7:21 maintaining a relaxed outlook but thinking do I stop or not... By mile 5 I just have to go so I figure OK stop squirt quick and go well as soon as I go I feel like I am Austim Powers just going and going and going, Mile 5 goes by in 8:05 (ouch) back on only to meet up with Cin and the girls and the rest of the Famaround 6 or so...Kirsten was there and as I high fived every one and all she had her arms up so I picked her up and gave her a kiss. Cin a kiss high fived everyone and finished up the mile in 7:38.

Somehow between the stopping twice previously and the excitement I missed the next Mile marker - but the next two went by in 15:00 so 7:30 avg which was great... felt good and saw the usual Shortcut sign - and the guy who posts the SOX score right before Natick... Natick is packed as always right coming in there was a pile of kids there and one holding a baby so I slowed down and reached up giving the baby a little finger high five... and two handed the rest of the kids. mile 9 7:36. Mile 10 deals with a little hill abd I slowed slightly going out of Natick 7:41, I always seem to have a lull around here... fought it back down to 7:38 and 7:34 through 11 and 12 coming in to Wellsley as the sign says prepare for the scream... I said it last year and well with the way the race was going I was enjoying myself as I got through the screaming girls all this year with Kisses for free shirts and Kiss me signs I decided what the hell I stopped for a few kisses down the line it was a blast high fives as well - so yeah I finally did that and laughed through a 7:46 mile... 1:29 for the Half brought it back to 7:35 for mile 14 and feeling pretty good, then that crazy downhill that just hurts followed by the overpass and the time slipped back to 7:44 but the thoughts are all on the hills coming up... relax for Mile 16 get ready 7:42.

Turn the corner and hit the steep first of the Newton Hills mile 17 8:00 feeling good. Concentrate Concentrate keep up the cadence... so much that the next three miles go through without me seeing them... 23:53 for the next three up to 20 so sub-8 everyone screaming I see many of the same people running around me but passing quite a few feeling pretty darn good at this point can I make it up? then the last hill hit me hard 21 and over the top with the screaming BC fans which were awesome once again this year... felt pretty good going down but the uphill hammered me 21 and 22 go by in 16:07 just over 8 my guess is the 22 was faster and the 21 was pretty slow but what the hell I am over and heading to Boston, th issue now as I look at my watch is that I see I am at 2:50 - meaning 30 mins for 4.2 miles quick calcs in my head go 32 mins at 8 min pace is 4 miles add anouth 2 for the .2 and I get 34 at 8 min pace dont think its gonna happen - I figure 30 mins for 4 miles is 7:30 pace - so to get the whole thing in its gonna be less than that- I push a little and the next mile goes by in 8:02, its over lets enjoy the ride in 8:08, Coming in to Kenmore I am just high fiving and people are screaming their heads off I come near a corner and this girl is just screaming at me you rule I love your shoes so I run over to high five them all jump in get a few hugs and keep on going run into Ryan and Dad and ask if he wants to hop in and run the last mile with me he says no so I set off again 8:22 - under the under pass and up Here ford those two little bumps feel like mountains but finally I arrive on Boyleston The screams and cheers continue so I whoop it up a bit on the way down 8:16 - finish 3:24.34 Happy as hell to run it and be done...

Now its time to move back to more frequent racing and some fast stuff back to basics and it will only help things going forward.
The long run is what puts the tiger in the cat.
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